Join BOHE TV (Boston Online Home Education TV), as we discuss various informative topics about teaching methodologies, pedagogy,  international schooling curriculums and holistic education.

Boston Online Home Education TV

Interview Discussions

Interview with Carike Verbooy

This discussion revolves around the importance of helping youth develop soft skills from a young age and how it will contribute towards their success in school and the workplace.

Interview with Andrew Hofmeyr

Teaching methodologies and pedagogies with which to teach pure and conceptual mathematics and how the Cambridge curriculum teaches critical thinking skills which contribute to higher levels of success.

Interview with Tim Zunckel

An interview discussion around the importance of online extracurricular activities. The discussion also highlights the benefits of extracurricular activities or social clubs for learners at school age.

Interview with Stan Matthews

Stan Matthews, CEO at SuperSport United, shares his insight and knowledge on how students can maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle...

Interview with David Chiger

David Chiger, an expert in pedagogies and teaching methodologies will be talking about why it is vital for learners to have up-to-date and adequate technology skills...

Interview with Aubrey Masango

Natalie Rabson interviews broadcaster Aubrey Masango about the current home school environment and secondary education. Get important insights....

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